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The Trance Issue

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Carlos Reygadas conjures Post Tenebras Lux; Steven Soderbergh feels Side Effects; Jack Black is Bernie; Derek Cianfrance and Ryan Gosling visit The Place Beyond The Pines; Michael Winterbottom shoots The Look Of Love; Park Chan-wook slays Stoker; Zak Efron is The Paperboy; Harmony Korine scores Spring Breakers; Cristian Mungiu goes Beyond The Hills; and Francois Ozon is In The House.

Inspired by our feature film:
The Mesmerist: how did Danny Boyle put the world under his spell?

Dark Visions:
how cinema has put its evil eye on the history of hypnosis

Hollywood Hypnosis:
Kevin Costner, Sly Stallone and Darth Vader get some brain surgery

Put A Spell On You:
Rosario Dawson reveals what's on her mind

Blind Rapture:
what happened when Werner Herzog hypnotised his cast and shot a movie?

Catch Michel If You Can:
the incredible true-story of the world's greatest art thief

Plus exclusive interviews with Carlos Reygadas, Jack Black and Harmony Korine

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