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Little White Lies 64: The Arabian Nights Issue

Image of Little White Lies 64: The Arabian Nights Issue

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In this issue...

A Letter to Miguel

Director Miguel Gomes writes a letter to himself in the year 2004, just as he was about to embark on a feature film career.

A Screenwriting Masterclass

Miguel Gomes tells us how writing a movie is a case of constant reinvention.

What is Documentary?

Arabian Nights is a movie that toys with the idea of what is real and what is fake, what is fictional and what is fact. Does the term “documentary” still means what we think it does? We put this simple question to a host oHf film industry luminaries to divulge the state of documentary in 2016.

Tales of Cinema

Directly inspired by the loose-leaf structure of Arabian Nights, LWLies offers a compendium of wild tales which look at the landscape of modern cinema through the prism of vintage pornography, hand-drawn flyers, teen fantasy franchises, Paris Hilton, Troma and Chris Hemsworth’s abs.

In the back section…

László Nemes mourns Son of Saul; Sebastian Schipper pulls of a one-take wonder with Victoria; Jeff Nichols reveals his inner Spielberg with Midnight Special; Don Cheadle moves Miles Ahead; Patricio Guzmán polishes The Pearl Button; Kate Dickie and Paul Higgins are a Couple In a Hole; Pablo Larrain enters The Club; Alan Rickman excels in Eye In the Sky; Joachim Trier gets Louder Than Bombs; Ben Wheatley scales High-Rise; and Robert Eggers summons The Witch.

All that plus interviews with Hirokazu Koreeda, Alice Winocour, Joachim Trier, Robert Eggers,László Nemes and Sebastian Schipper, and Ex-Rent Hell re-visits the insane ’90s mind-melter, In Bed with Madonna.

Cover art by Whooli Chen

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